Gel Candles & More 
For  YOUR  Occasions
All Gel Candles, Smelly Gelly MELTS, and Reed Diffusers
Are Handmade For YOU
Poppa  Turtle  Candles
     Beer Mugs
Hi, my name is Larry Brayton, a.k.a. "Poppa Turtle"

I have been making Gel Candles for over 20 years 
My hope is that YOU too will enjoy Gel Candles 
(Especially Poppa Turtle Gel Candles)
As much as my family and friends enjoy theirs 
So enjoy shopping!!! 

Gel Candles are GREAT for ANY Occasion

Why YOU Will Like Gel Candles
Gel Candles Burn Clean--No Soot
Gel Candles Are Safe
Gel Candles Last 3-4 times LONGER than 
paraffin or soy wax
YOU Choose From Many Different 
SiZes,Styles,And Fragrances
All MY Gel Candles Are Handmade Just For YOU
Gel Candles will be what YOU will want to  burn Time After Time, After Time, After Time...
 Poppa Turtle Candles 
Also Carry Wooden Roses

Wooden Roses  last LONGER than Real Roses
Smelly Gelly MELTS
Go in YOUR
Tart  Warmer
For Your   
Gel Candles   Smelly Gelly MELTS
or Reed Diffusers

Black Cherry        Blueberry

Brazilian Coffee & Pure Cane 

        Cherry          Chocolate      

Cinnamon Cookie Dough

Eternity for Men        Fern 

Floral Scent        Fresh Roses        

   Fresh Squeezed Oranges 

            Fruit Slices               

Herbal Lavender & Lemongrass​

        Lavender Sachet        

Lime Margarita        Macintosh Apple       

Nag Champa

         Patchouli        Pecan Pie      

     Peach          Pine Mist      

Red Hot Cinnamon        Strawberry        

Stress Relief        Sunny Citrus

Fall and Winter
Apple Spice
Cinnamon Stick       Eucalyptus & Mint
         Gingerbread          Hot Baked Apple Pie
Mint & Berries        Mulled Cider
Have a 
Special  Fragrance 
That is not listed?
Email me and 
I Will try to find it 
I take Pride in the making of Quality Products!! 
If you have Any Questions or 
Would like More Information 
Please Contact Larry   at
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Examples  Of 
Gel Candles
Are  Below

Try A Reed Diffuser
And Make YOUR
 Favorite  Fragrance
With  NO  Flame
Check  Out 
The  Many, MANY 
Fruit, Cologne, Seasonal, And Aromatherapy Fragrances 
 Below For Your 
Gel CandlesReed Diffusers 
And Smelly Gelly MELTS
What Is YOUR Favorite Fragrance?
3 inch and 5 inch
Add  Fruit  or  Nuts  or  Keep Plain
Choose  From  Several  Different  Crusts
  Check Out The Popular
ForEver   Candles
ForEver   Candles 
 N E V E R  Burn Out
Just Add Your Own 
Votive, Tea Light 
LED Tea Light
To Make YOUR
ForEver    Candle
Examples  of  ForEver  Candles
MANY  More 
ForEver Candles 
Are  Available At
Glow In The Dark Stones Can Be​ Embedded

Embedded Items will 
Vary in Color
AND Type 
With Each
Gel Candle
Smelly Gelly MELTS come in 2 oz and 5 oz sizes  
Choose your Favorite Fragrance  
Choose your Favorite Color
One Color and Fragrance per package
Shipping Charges Will Be
                Added To Orders

        USPS Rates Will Be 
        Used Whenever Possible 
How  To  Order  Your
Gel Candles  Smelly Gelly MELTS 
or Reed Diffusers

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    *     Decide What Style of Candle You  Want                                  For Your Gel Candle or Reed Diffuser  

    *    What Fragrance You Want

    *     What Color You Want For Your Gel Candle     

    *     What Kind Of Embed(s) You Would Like In                        Your  Gel Candle (optional & if available)
How To Use Your 
Smelly Gelly MELT
  • Cut your Smelly Gelly MELT into quarters or halves or whatever will fit your into your tart/potpourri warmer.

  • Place the Smelly Gelly MELT on your tart/potpourri warmer and Heat it up.

  • The Smelly Gelly MELT will liquefy.

  • The Smelly Gelly MELT will be HOT!!

  • The melted Smelly Gelly MELT will make your Whole Room Smell GREAT!!

  • Your Smelly Gelly MELT uses a long lasting   fragrance of Your choice.

  • Your Smelly Gelly MELT fragrance will last 
    3 to 4 times longer than paraffin or 
    soy wax melts.

  • Your Smelly Gelly MELT is easy to use AND easy to clean up.
        Allow your Smelly Gelly MELT to Cool.
        Scrape and lift your Smelly Gelly MELT                 out in one piece.
        Dispose of properly.

Easy Peazy!
Go To My 
Online Store And
Show your love with a single rose in vase with gel wax and marbles
Only $12.00