Poppa Turtle Candles

            Beer Mugs 
            Beer Glasses
                   ​(Beer Scented or Unscented)
Gel Wax Candles  
and  More  for  All  Your  Occasions 

Gel Wax Candles,  and  Gelly  Smelly  MELTS
Are  ALL  HANDMADE  Just  For  You
ALL Pictures are Examples -- Each Gel Wax Candle  is Unique
  Why YOU Will Like Gel Wax Candles
                 They Burn Cleaner -- No Soot
                 * They Last 2-3 Times LONGER 
                        Than Other Waxes 
 Poppa  Turtle  Candles 
Also Carries A Wide Selection of Wooden Roses

$5   for half  Dozen           $10  for a Dozen
ForEver  Candles
Just Add Your Own Votive,
Tea Light, or LED Tea Light 
To Make YOUR own 
ForEver  Candle  
Sparkle ForEver
Gel Wax Candles
can be Embedded with Colorful 
Stones, Glitter or Shapes

Glow In The Dark 
Gelly Smelly Melts
The Gel Wax Melts in your Wax/Tart Warmer
AND Smells Good WITHOUT A Flame
6 to a Pack
(see below for fragrances)
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To Mailed Orders

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How   To   Order   Your
Gel Wax Candles 
Gelly Smelly MELTS 

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Seasonal Scents
Gel  Wax  Candles 
and  Gel  Wax  Melts

Alien Princess

Autumn In The Park

Clean Crisp Air

Dragons Blood

Enchanted Forest

Fresh Fallen Leaves

Indian Summer

Witches Brew
Examples of Past and Present
ForEver  Gel  Wax  Candles
Don't Forget about Christmas
--Candles Don't Spoil--
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Halloween Time 

And Time To Get YOUR 
Spooky Gel Wax Candle