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Gelly Smelly Melts are for Your Tart/Potpourri Warmer

Gelly Smelly Melts 
Burn Slower AND Last Longer 
And The Fragrance Is Stronger!!!

Gelly Smelly Melts come in 6 Packs
 AND in MANY Colors and Fragrances
Can't Burn A Candle?
Then Try
Gelly Smelly Melts
I take pride in my selection of Quality Products
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How To Use Your Smelly Gelly Melt

  • Add 1 -2 squares of the Smelly Gelly MELT to your wax/tart warmer.
  • The Smelly Gelly MELT Will Liquefy.
  • The Smelly Gelly MELT will be HOT!!
  • Your Smelly Gelly MELT Fragrance will last 2-3 times LONGER than paraffin or soy wax melts.
  • Your Smelly Gelly MELT is easy to use AND easy to clean up. After cooling off, just Lift and Peel (no chipping out) and dispose properly.
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