Poppa Turtle Candles

Poppa Turtle  Gel Wax Candles 
Are Handmade Locally by me, Poppa Turtle, 
 and come in Many Varieties of 
Glassware, Fragrances and Colors (see Examples below)

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I take Pride in making Quality Products for YOU

If you have any questions or would like more information 
Please contact 
Larry (a.k.a. Poppa Turtle)   
@ PoppaTurtleCandles.outlook.com
and click on the Message button on the page
The above is just a small sample of 
my Gel Wax Candles
 Pictures are Examples of Past Candles
Each Gel Wax Candle is Unique
Many other styles are available  
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      Remember -- Candles Don't Spoil
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Come To The
Breadbasket Farmers Market
Westridge Mall in 
Discover Furniture
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March 30 
Starting April 6 
Every Saturday 7:30am
until 1:00pm
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Fresh Vegetables
(when in season)
Find My Candles At 
The Owls Nest
29th & Adams
(in the Duck Aisle)